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Fire truck common fault

Fire truck common fault

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The fire truck should first detect the position when the speed is unstable.
      1. Oil circuit system: If the fire truck is leaking, blocked, and the circulation is not smooth, the problems are basically the oil system. Will cause the fire truck speed to be unstable.
      2, fuel injection pump governor: fuel injection pump governor fault, the speed will not be stable, the governor inspection needs to be professional.
The fire engine engine overheating should first detect the following position
      1. Cooling system: If the fan is damaged, the radiator is blocked, the thermostat is damaged, and the coolant is insufficient, the engine will overheat.
      2. Oil quality and oil quantity: If the oil quality is not good or the oil quantity is insufficient, it may cause the engine to overheat.
      3, mechanical failures, such as punching cylinders, cylinder liners or cylinder liner cracks, this phenomenon also occurs.
      4. The fuel injection advance angle is too small, resulting in increased afterburning (combustion in the exhaust pipe), and the fire truck will have an overheating phenomenon in the exhaust pipe.
The exhaust pipe is wet or dripping, so it should be checked as follows
     1. Wear of the fuel pump plunger and the oil discharge valve: the fuel pump plunger and the valve are no longer worn seriously, the pump oil pressure is insufficient, resulting in poor atomization of the injector, individual cylinders do not work, and the exhaust pipe will have oil drops. phenomenon.
     2. The atomization of the injector: If the injector is dripping or atomized, the cylinder will not work properly when it starts, and the exhaust pipe may have oil drop.
     3. Valve clearance and piston ring wear: If the valve clearance is not correct or the piston ring wears seriously, the cylinder compression pressure will be reduced, so that the individual cylinders will not work when starting, and the exhaust pipe may be wet or dripping.