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These years your fire knowledge blind spot!

These years your fire knowledge blind spot!

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In recent years, the fire department has organized a lot of publicity training for different objects in various industries. However, during the training process, many people still have many misunderstandings about fire protection knowledge. Let's crack it with Xiaoxiao!
Misunderstanding 1: Some people think that the alarm or the fire truck is charged. Xiaoxiao reminder: If you have a fire, please call the “119” fire alarm. The fire department will not charge for the police.
Misunderstanding 2: Some people who have a fire take their own first save, there is no way to put out the fire to report the fire. Xiaoxiao reminder: Once the fire is discovered, it is necessary to call the police at the first time.
Myth 3: Some people think that you can't shake up and down before using a dry powder fire extinguisher, otherwise the fire extinguisher will explode. Xiaoxiao reminder: Normal dry powder fire extinguisher can be shaken before use, so that the dry powder in the cylinder can be loosened and easily sprayed out. The expired fire extinguisher cylinder will be thinned by corrosion, and after a sun exposure, a slight bump may cause an explosion.
Myth 4: Some people think that when using a fire extinguisher, it can be pointed to the outside or the middle of the flame. Tip: Please point the fire extinguisher at the root of the flame to extinguish the fire. Otherwise, it will only waste the rescue time and fire extinguisher.
Myth 5: Escape the elevator faster in the event of a fire. A small reminder: in the event of a fire, there will be a power outage, such as people who are trapped in the elevator will be trapped. Please evacuate from the stairs.