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Jiangsu AQZ Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.

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家和国际标准,不但在国内知名度高,并且在国外获得- - 致好评。

安奇正于沿海城市下设3家分公司,分别位于泰州,广州和海南,2012 年通过了IS09001 :2008质量管理体系认证、IS014001: 2004 环境管理体系认证。企业已成为中国国电、中国核电、中国航天等大型企业和武警消防部队的指定供应商。





IS09001 :2008质量管理体系认证

Company profile

Jiangsu AQZ Special Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is located in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, the hometown of Mei Lanfang, a famous Peking Opera artist. It has beautiful environment, fast logistics and convenient transportation.
Anqi is a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in the production of fire fighting vehicles and various fire fighting equipment, such as fire fighting unmanned aerial vehicles, fire fighting robots, reconnaissance robots, and sells imported fire fighting vehicles, imported fire fighting equipment, special fire fighting vehicles, special fire fighting equipment and fire fighting ships. He has won many awards at home and abroad, advanced equipment and strong technical force. The products are in full conformity with the country.
National and international standards are not only well known at home, but also highly praised abroad.
Anqi has three branches in coastal cities, located in Taizhou, Guangzhou and Hainan. In 2012, it passed IS09001:2008 Quality Management System Certification and IS014001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification. Enterprises have become designated suppliers of China Electricity, China Nuclear Power, China Aerospace and other large enterprises and the Armed Police Fire Force.
Anqi is growing up with a number of ministerial, provincial and municipal leaders and experts coming, and has won many honors since its establishment. Anqi will be in line with the enterprise spirit of "keeping the world in mind and keeping the mind safe", shoulder the enterprise mission of "escorting human security and being meticulous in quality", and uphold the enterprise purpose of "surviving with high quality, developing with innovation and seeking win-win cooperation", and move towards a more brilliant tomorrow.
We are proud of our honor and achievements, will be down-to-earth loyal service and meet customer needs.